After all these Years – we finally start to see the depths of Spygate

See attached article.  If only a small fraction of it is true, Belicheat and friends got away with murder (figuratively, not literally).  More to come on this.  Please feel free to comment away… maybe now we can begin to understand what was on Shady’s cellphone – perhaps a few texts to the Belicheat himself?

A non-lawyer’s look at Berman’s decision … Nicely put

Here’s an excellent article on Berman’s decision, and a reality check for those of you who think Shady “won”.  He cheated, we know that, but apparently the NFL forgot to tell him that if he cheated, he could be punished.  I wonder what will happen if Shady hands the head referee $10k before the game — (A) can the NFL suspend him, (B) can it fire him, or (c) can it do anything at all?  As of now, the answer is clearly (C), unless of course the NFL tells Shady beforehand that if he hands the ref $10k, he could be punished…  blah, blah, blah.

See below — well done.

Just Heard a pointed remark

If the NFL wanted to beat Tom Shady, they should’ve hired Eli Manning and not Paul Weiss.

While this may sound like a joke – it is closer to the truth than you may think.  The Paul Weiss folks were given a blank canvass and all of the implements necessary to get this done correctly for the NFL.  The investigation could’ve found for or against Shady, but once it was against him, then this should have been a simple task from there.  I think a refund is in order – $3 million + on the investigation, who knows how much while behind the scenes (helping the NFL and Goodell with the process), and then repping them in federal court.  Only to lose in embarrassing fashion – the judge vacates the arbitration award (not because Shady didn’t do it – we all know he did it) based on procedural issues, and not on substance.  This is a bit off-topic for this blog, but I would be glad to break down the decision if you want and show everyone where the NFL was let down here — by it high-priced advisors.

Let me know if you want this dialogue to continue…

This just in from a Loyal Patriot fan…

After seven months of an any anything but independent investigation of Tom Brady, justice has finally prevailed, thanks to independent federal court Judge Richard Berman (the NFL filed suit in New York, which is known to be league-friendly, hoping to stack the deck, once again).  In lifting the suspension of Tom Brady, Judge Berman excoriated Roger Goodell for, among other things, failing to make NFL General Counsel Jeff Pash available for questioning during the appeal hearing.  The NFL paid so-called “independent” investigator Wells millions of dollars to present his findings, but then, incredibly, allowed Pash to receive drafts of the report and provide comments on it.  That would be akin to an independent committee being appointed to investigate alleged insider trading by officers and directors of a company, but then permitting the officers and directors to review and comment on the draft findings of the committee.  From the start the Wells investigation was anything but independent, as evidenced by the fact Pash was involved in preparing the Wells Report.  Goodell was also called to the carpet for failing to provide documents, summaries and notes of witness interviews during the Wells investigation.  We can only guess why Goodell refused to allow Pash to speak.  Did Pash have something to hide?  Was the draft Wells Report weaker than Pash and Goodell would have liked so they asked him to leave out some evidence favorable to Brady’s position?  And what was so damning in the documents that caused the NFL to refuse to share them with Brady and his lawyers?  And where are those papers now?  Destroyed?  The hubris and hypocrisy of Goodell and the NFL is stunning; punishing Brady not cooperating and not making evidence available to Wells and the NFL, and then refusing to cooperate themselves and not making key evidence available to Brady and his counsel, not to mention having a hand in preparing the Wells Report.  But in the end, justice prevailed.

Shady wins Round 3 – is it a KO, or just a knockdown?

This just in – federal judge overturns the NFL’s suspension of Shady.  Haven’t had time to digest the decision, but on quick glance, it appears the court decided that Shady wasn’t on notice that “general awareness” of the deflating activities (or his lack of cooperation in the investigation) could subject him to a 4 game suspension.  This isn’t a legal blog, so I won’t get into whether the court adhered to the law or whether the court of appeal will reverse (assuming the NFL appeals).  Here’s a story that might shed light on the decision – stay tuned for my analysis …

The Texans Know the Pats Cheated, and the Majority of Players Believe They Deflated Footballs

Apparently, some owners are willing to set the record straight.  It is pathetic to hear the Shady defenders.  He didn’t do it because he is fighting this; they didn’t cheat because everyone deflates the balls, blah, blah, blah.  Here’s what one of the owners had to say — JJ Watt wouldn’t have destroyed his phone; they did it to gain an advantage… really?  Of course.

Here, you have a “survey” players who mostly believe the Pats deflated footballs, but they don’t think it’s cheating.  Surprise, surprise – a football player doesn’t think violating a written rule is cheating.  Maybe next time they will find a baseball player who doesn’t think PED use is cheating.  Someone hurry up and ask David Ortiz what he thinks…

Surprise, surprise – Shady now willing to accept suspension …

Are you seated?  Here’s a shocker – Tom Shady is now willing to accept a suspension.  What?  I thought that fact that he was fighting so hard was evidence that he didn’t do anything wrong.  I know that it looked bad when his name appeared in texts involving the Deflator, it looked bad when Shady lied to the public in his first press conference, it looked bad when he admitted to meeting with one of the deflators immediately after they were caught, it looked bad when Shady declined to look at his phone for relevant texts (i.e., he wasn’t being asked to turn it over), it looked bad when we learned he had destroyed that phone…  it goes on and on…

Now, in a sudden Krafty-like change of direction (see below for blog re: Krafty admitting fault…), Shady tells us that he would accept some punishment for failing to cooperate.  What BS.  Who does he think we are?  He covered-up what was likely a much bigger scandal (maybe even involving Belicheat) by destroying his phone (hey Shady, maybe you should be the VP on Hillary’s ticket – you guys make a perfect pair).  It is good to hear the NFL isn’t going to accept this belated “offer” to settle.

See here for a recap of the recent developments —

Let’s Revisit what Mr. Yee, Brady’s agent/lawyer, said previously about the “phone”

See this link – Mr. Yee apparently thought no one would ever find out that Brady had ordered the destruction of his incriminating phone.

In this article, Mr. Yee is quoted and provides 3 possible reasons for not turning over the phone:

(1) He somehow believes that Brady was put in an improper situation where he was being assigned guilt and asked to prove his innocence… whatever this means.

(2) Mr. Yee didn’t want to have Brady set a precedent of turning over his private messages – that apparently would be bad for other players… oh, and destroying the phone which arguably violates state/federal law – that’s a much better option.

(3) Mr. Yee didn’t want to accept the investigator’s offer of having Brady or his representatives simply look at the message and choose which ones to provide (an amazing offer for any accused).  Mr. Yee apparently believed that such cherry-picking of messages would be met with skepticism in any event… I guess destruction was the better option – no skepticism there.

What a joke.  I hope Mr. Yee is no longer barred in any jurisdiction because this is type of conduct that would get him in serious trouble.  Not sure if any of Shady’s lawyers advised him to destroy the phone, but they may have some explaining to do as well.

Brady Cheated and then Destroyed the Evidence… surprised, you shouldn’t be.

Everyone waited for the NFL to reduce or eliminate Shady’s suspension…  Little did the public know — the NFL should have increased the suspension based on the new information that Shady destroyed evidence.  Yes, that’s what I said “Shady (aka Tom Brady) destroyed evidence.”  (See link –

While his agent and multiple representatives/attorneys argued that Shady’s privacy was at issue by being asked to look at his cell phone, what they covered up was that Shady ordered the destruction of his cell phone (even though he knew that the NFL investigators wanted to see it).  What a joke…  Had he shown the phone, his suspension likely would have been much worse.

This should confirm once a for all that Shady is a cheating liar.  Now, we’ll hear a bunch of garbage about process and why the commissioner would hear the appeal, but what we should be hearing is real analysis of how long Shady has been manipulating the rules of the game and whether he should be allowed to pollute this game any more.  Stay tuned… these idiots will keep the hits coming.