More on Legacy… NFL Coach/Player Perspectives

More talk about legacy here.  How can anyone say anything yet?  One thing is for sure – if Shady was involved in the deflating of his balls, his legacy will be tarnished forever…  Belicheat has little to lose given his orchestration of Spygate.  See here for more perspectives:


100% of television host scientists think the Patriots cheated: Take that Shady, Belicheat and Krafty.  Nobody believes you.  Nice standard you set there Mr. Krafty (the owner for those of you who don’t get it) — there’s a new standard for businesses in proving wrongdoing for there employees and constituents (you must definitively establish they did it, or apologize)… Maybe Aaron Hernandez could use you to set the standard of proof for his double, triple (or whatever we are up to now) homicide case(s).  

A Look at the Numbers — One Fan’s Look at the Scandals (and Impact on Legacy)


How do we fairly evaluate the careers of Belichick and Brady? The easy thing to do would be to just toss out their accomplishments, pretend they never had any success. I think that’s a fair evaluation for Belichick. He’s run multiple cheating regimes which makes it quite difficult to evaluate his efficacy as a coach.

It is more difficult to dismiss Brady because a simple eye test tells you he’s a decent quarterback. Presumably he wouldn’t turn into Ryan Leaf if he had to throw a fully inflated ball. So how much did cheating help him? His current resume puts him on par with Joe Montana, where should we judge him in the context that his team has cheated his entire career?

Some people point out that these “cheats” would only provide a small advantage. While that may or may not be true, the entire reason to cheat is to gain an advantage in a close game. You don’t need to cheat to win a game handily. Between Spygate, deflated balls, and whatever other cheats we don’t know about they are probably getting between a 7-10 point advantage every game. To be generous, let’s assume the impact is smaller, say 4 points. That means their cheating either turned one touchdown for the other team into a field goal or turned what would have been a field goal for them into a touchdown. That feels generous so let’s call it 4.5 point (we round down on cheaters).

Now let’s examine their Super Bowl runs and what games they would not have won without 4.5 points:

2001 Super Bowl XXXVI (win) – Divisional Round 16-13 OT win over Raiders (tuck rule)

2003 Super Bowl XXXVIII (win) – Divisional Round 17-14 win over Titans

2004 Super Bowl XXXIX (win) – Super Bowl 24-21 win over Eagles

2007 Super Bowl XLII (loss) – no change

2011 Super Bowl XLVI (loss) – Conference Championship 23-20 win over Ravens

2014 Super Bowl XLIX (tbd) – Divisional Round 35-31 win over Ravens


So a fair view of Tom Brady without the 4.5 advantage is a quarterback who went to 2 Super Bowls and didn’t win either. And this does not consider the regular season advantage that allowed him to make the playoffs, gain home field, and get the first round bye weeks. Contemporary quarterbacks with a similar track record:

Steve McNair / Donovan McNabb / Matt Hasslebeck

Playoff success means a lot in this league.

Tom Shady — Liar?

This is getting ridiculous.  How stupid did Mr. Shady look in his press conference.  He should have had Giselle appear for him, at least she’s hot and maybe would have distracted the viewers enough to get away with this nonsense.  Of course, he knew how much air was in the balls.  Read what the experts had to say.  Don’t know when we will get to the cover-up stage of this fiasco, but can’t wait to see how they sweep this one under the rug — probably send the footballs to the same place they sent the tapes… burn ‘em.

Pete Carroll’s sigh of relief

Remember Pete Carroll’s sudden departure from USC, shortly after he saw the flames that would ultimately burn the football to ground (at least for now)…  see,247361

Now, Pete must be relieved to being competing against the 1 coach in all of football with a worse reputation than him – BELICHEAT.  Pete left USC with a lost national title, lost Heisman trophy, and significant limitations on scholarships.  But for the infamous Belicheat, we may be recounting stories of whether Pete knew anything about the USC “Reggie Bush” scandal.  Instead, we are listening to lying Pats discuss their deflated balls and how they didn’t know anything about it.  Richard Sherman even looks like Prince Charming in this crowd.

Our newest culprit – Tom Shady

Now that Belicheat has disclaimed any knowledge about how a football can be inflated, and passed the buck to his QB, we have new nickname for 12 — Tom Shady.  We all knew he had something do you with Spygate, or at least benefitted from it big time, and now we have his coach – Belicheat himself – placing the weight of his balls on his QB (Beavis/Butthead would love this newest scandal).  What say you, Tom Shady?  We may find out tomorrow. Stay tuned…

Random Fan Musings

It is interesting how the Pat fan defense has evolved over the past two days.  From “that is just sour grapes, the balls were not underinflated, the refs test them after all”, to “that is just sour grapes, if a ball was underinflated two days later it probably just leaked” when the league announced that they did find underinflation, to “that is just sour grapes, the deflation must have happened after the ​game since the refs would have tested them at half time if the Colts complained” once the league announced that 11 of 12 were underinflated, to “that is just sour grapes, the Pats played better in the second half anyway and besides there is no evidence linking it to Brady or Belicheat” once it was reported that the refs did in fact test them at half time, found they were underinflated and as a result forced the Pats to use their backup balls in the second half. 


Where will the argument go when the league gets someone to talk and the knowledge (if not direct responsibility in giving an order to someone to do it) starts to creep up the Pats leadership structure???