Atlanta Falcons alligned with the Belicheat

It now looks at though the Atlanta Falcons fall within the definition of the Belicheat.  As readers of this site know, we are about “fair play” and we highlight those that stray, such as the Belicheat.  The Falcons have admitted fault and will be sanctioned.  Will they learn?  See attached for more info…

NFL stops Pats from deceptive formation – fair play wins again

See below for link to story about how the Pats formation/reporting tactics – which anyone who understands the game knew was not in the spirit of fair play.  Now it is illegal and will penalized.  The game is not about this type of deceit.  Much like the muggings of Ram receivers by Pats DB’s many years ago in that Spygate Super Bowl, the formation tactics of the Pats have been expressly outlawed.  Fair play wins out – it is just sad that a rule has to written to stop the obvious efforts to steal, cheat and win at all costs.  I am sure Pats fans will say there was no rule on the books, so it was legit.  There aren’t rules for lots of things – we just know cheating when we see it.  By the way, there was a rule prohibiting the transgressions of the Belicheat the led to Spygate – I guess in that case the rule was stupid or something to that effect…  Anyway, no posts in a while because the League is still figuring out how to sweep the Deflategate debacle under the rug.

I remain committed to upholding fair play in sports and pointing out the evildoers … please let me know of any other tactics or blatant rule breakers that need a light shined on them..

Uh Oh…

The NFL keeps trying to kill this story, but it keeps coming back.  Now, a source has leaked that a Pats employee (who wouldn’t typically handle footballs) tried to get an illegal ball into the game.  The good news is that it sounds like the Refs caught this one and didn’t allow the ball to be used; the bad news for Krafty, Shady and friends is that this special employee may be the missing link to the top.  Does Deflategate go beyond Shady?  Stay tuned… (see link for story)

LATER DEVELOPMENTS… See these articles for a further explanation.


Rebuttal to “uh oh” (from a Pats fan)  

The author of this “Uh Oh” post ends it with “stay tuned.” Subsequent to the author’s post, we have learned that it was an NFL official who gave the ball in question to the Patriots’ locker room attendant/employee, and which NFL official told the employee to give the ball to those officiating the Patriots/Colts game.  See the link above. 



Ball Don’t Lie (Maybe Shady Didn’t Cheat?)

Remember that infamous NBA forward, Rasheed Wallace?  He had a funny saying after he would get called for a foul and didn’t agree with the call.  If the free throw was missed, he told the Ref – “Ball Don’t Lie”.

Well, I am a superstitious sports fan, and watching these NFL playoffs, I sensed a karma going on.  If a team got breaks in a game, good fortune turned against you in the next.  Look at the Cowboys – for once, they got some favorable calls against Detroit that helped them get by a fairly tough team.  Next week, one of worst calls I have ever seen (almost prompting the creation of a different website, before the Belicheat thing) occurred and a ref who could not believe what he saw on the tape – where Dez Bryant caught a ball and transferred it to his left hand in order to lunge for goal line – reversed a call that took the game away from the Cowboys and gave it to the Packers.  I could write for pages and pages on this blown call (e.g., what happened to the presumption that the call on the field stands unless the Ref sees clear evidence to reverse), but that isn’t the point here – the fact is that karma delivered a blow to Cowboys because they had received some good fortune the week before.

Now, let’s move forward a week and the Packers decide that the game should only last 3 quarters (or maybe 3.5) – Seattle was apparently down to a 3% of winning at one point in the 4th quarter.  Then, karma took over – a blown coverage, an onside kick, some of the most pathetic play calling I’ve seen (Coach, did your forget that Aaron Rogers was your QB?), a 2 point conversion lob pass was inexplicably watched by a fairly good DB (what were you doing Ha Ha, I could have knocked that one down), etc.  So, while I was getting ready for this Super Bowl (which was a great game by the way, and I won’t take anything from you, Shady – at least not yet), I had the following feeling – karma dictates that Seattle lose in a bad way to the Pats.  But…. what about Deflategate?  Could this be the best test for “Ball Don’t Lie”?

Maybe Shady and Belicheat didn’t know about the air being taken from their balls.  Maybe, the kid in the bathroom acted alone (you don’t really think the laws of physics were at play, do you?).  Let’s break down the end of the game – Kearse makes a great catch (a little lucky, but the Hawks had been tossing the ball downfield with success since the 2nd quarter, when they apparently learned that the Super Bowl had already started 15 minutes before).  Now, Beast Mode is in the backfield – for anyone who doesn’t know who this guy is – first, get off of my site; second, he’s the best TD scoring back around.  4 plays from the 5 yard line and time wasn’t a real concern – only one thing lingered … Mother Karma (I chose to add a female embodiment because people always say “karma is a b*tch”).  Which way would she take it – did Shady, Belicheat and Krafty cheat, and even if they did, would that turn the tide in favor of the 3 percent crew from Seattle?  Ball don’t lie or in this case – coach done choked – and maybe Cheaty Petey’s own karma came back to bite him.  First play – Beast Mode for 4 yards.  The Pats weren’t fooled and he went for 4, that’s 80% of the way to victory.  Nobody could have foreseen what would take place next – would the Pats let them score so they could get the ball back, would Beast Mode get stopped, would Wilson throw a slant (wait, you know you weren’t expecting that)…  Karma struck and Shady became the greatest ever in one play where wasn’t even on the field (weird, isn’t it?).  Some guy named Butler turned into Primetime (or, simply reacted because Belicheat can certainly coach ’em up), and made one of the most memorable plays in SB history. The reality is – Mother Karma and Ball Don’t Lie converged.  Who knows – maybe, they didn’t cheat this time, or maybe something had to give.  Last time, they cheated, they went 18-0 and lost in horrific fashion.  This time, we will have to wait a bit longer — after the hoopla dies, we will all be paying attention to the INVESTIGATION because what else do we have to do?  Watch the NBA, MLB (I guess March Madness may give us some excitement)?  No, we now go into hibernation and long for the return of next season – the draft hype will help, but the INVESTIGATION will fill that empty void.

Stay tuned – will continue to operate and tell it the way it is…

Another Fan’s Perspective

Belicheck is a cheater.  That is not hyperbole or speculation, he is a convicted cheater.  He cheated his way to a Super Bowl over the Rams more than a decade ago and was finally caught red handed in the SpyGate scandal.  Cheaters cheat.  It is a simple fact of life.  Nobody should begrudge the Pats for solid player personnel choices or creative play calling.  Billy Belicheat knows how to spot talent, develop that talent and coach to get the most of out his players.  Tom Brady was a sixth round draft pick.  The problem is that cheating as much a part of his game prep as scouting.

The New England fans who claim that this is all just sour grapes and that we are all haters jealous of their success, consider this.  You might be right but it doesn’t change the fact that Belicheck is a convicted cheater.

More on Legacy… NFL Coach/Player Perspectives

More talk about legacy here.  How can anyone say anything yet?  One thing is for sure – if Shady was involved in the deflating of his balls, his legacy will be tarnished forever…  Belicheat has little to lose given his orchestration of Spygate.  See here for more perspectives:


100% of television host scientists think the Patriots cheated: Take that Shady, Belicheat and Krafty.  Nobody believes you.  Nice standard you set there Mr. Krafty (the owner for those of you who don’t get it) — there’s a new standard for businesses in proving wrongdoing for there employees and constituents (you must definitively establish they did it, or apologize)… Maybe Aaron Hernandez could use you to set the standard of proof for his double, triple (or whatever we are up to now) homicide case(s).  

A Look at the Numbers — One Fan’s Look at the Scandals (and Impact on Legacy)


How do we fairly evaluate the careers of Belichick and Brady? The easy thing to do would be to just toss out their accomplishments, pretend they never had any success. I think that’s a fair evaluation for Belichick. He’s run multiple cheating regimes which makes it quite difficult to evaluate his efficacy as a coach.

It is more difficult to dismiss Brady because a simple eye test tells you he’s a decent quarterback. Presumably he wouldn’t turn into Ryan Leaf if he had to throw a fully inflated ball. So how much did cheating help him? His current resume puts him on par with Joe Montana, where should we judge him in the context that his team has cheated his entire career?

Some people point out that these “cheats” would only provide a small advantage. While that may or may not be true, the entire reason to cheat is to gain an advantage in a close game. You don’t need to cheat to win a game handily. Between Spygate, deflated balls, and whatever other cheats we don’t know about they are probably getting between a 7-10 point advantage every game. To be generous, let’s assume the impact is smaller, say 4 points. That means their cheating either turned one touchdown for the other team into a field goal or turned what would have been a field goal for them into a touchdown. That feels generous so let’s call it 4.5 point (we round down on cheaters).

Now let’s examine their Super Bowl runs and what games they would not have won without 4.5 points:

2001 Super Bowl XXXVI (win) – Divisional Round 16-13 OT win over Raiders (tuck rule)

2003 Super Bowl XXXVIII (win) – Divisional Round 17-14 win over Titans

2004 Super Bowl XXXIX (win) – Super Bowl 24-21 win over Eagles

2007 Super Bowl XLII (loss) – no change

2011 Super Bowl XLVI (loss) – Conference Championship 23-20 win over Ravens

2014 Super Bowl XLIX (tbd) – Divisional Round 35-31 win over Ravens


So a fair view of Tom Brady without the 4.5 advantage is a quarterback who went to 2 Super Bowls and didn’t win either. And this does not consider the regular season advantage that allowed him to make the playoffs, gain home field, and get the first round bye weeks. Contemporary quarterbacks with a similar track record:

Steve McNair / Donovan McNabb / Matt Hasslebeck

Playoff success means a lot in this league.